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The village of Bràfim belongs to the county Alt Camp and it is located on the right bank of the river Gaià, at a distance of 10 km from Valls and about 20 from Tarragona. It is on a well-known Cistercian Route, which includes the big monasteries Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges.

Alt Camp is the highest county in the area of Tarragona above sea level; on one side it looks onto the sea and on the other one it is shaped by mountains. This county has a strategic location within the Catalan geography which favours its communication network.

This county has a mild Mediterranean climate due to its location between the sea and the mountains. Its annual average rainfall reaches 500mm and the terrain is miocene, limestone and light soil.

The main economic activity in Bràfim is agriculture especially grapevines, followed by fruit trees (olives, cherries, almonds and hazelnuts) and finally cereal.

Livestock farming also plays an important role in the economic activity of the village. The industry sector is based on the transformation and marketing of wine-derived products.

Agrícola de Bràfim

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